private lessons

The private lesson is the easiest way to learn or improve your snowboarding. It suits all levels, from the very beginners to advanced riders, ages and taste!

Satisfy your need of snowboarding with our qualified instructors!

1 person

2 people

3 people


55 €

70 €

85 €

Prices per hour.

group lessons

Group lessons are perfect for all ages and levels, from beginners to experts, from freestyle to freeride.

This solution will let you anjoy your passion and share it with our instructors, meet new friends and… with an eye to your savings!

Remember that there will be people of your same level in your group and that the instructor will always follow you and your steps.
Choose the formula you prefer, 2 or 3 hours a day for how many days you wish. Minimum 3 partecipants.


Costs 2 hours per day

Costs 3 hours per day

1 day

50 €

90 €

2 days

100 €

150 €

3 days

150 €

200 €

4 days

190 €

250 €

5 days

220 €

300 €

6 days

250 €

350 €

full day

You can have a teacher at your disposal all day long, for how many days you wish, and you can decide whether to share it with your group of friends / family or not: the price will be the same!

300 € for the day (no matter how many of you)!

Discover other types of private lessons

child lessons

Teaching kids is one of our things: a playful and prepared approach will help kids learn snowboarding having a lot of fun!


Share your private lesson only with a friend of yours or a member of your family, simply adding 15 € per person!


For all partecipants in our lessons there will be a 10% discount on equipment rental!


Pupil Absence:
Tardiness or Absence of the student:

- In the event that the student does not show up for the appointment, the teacher will wait 15 minutes, after which the lesson paid for will not be refunded or made up. In the event that the lesson has not been paid for, payment in full for the lesson will still be required;

- Any personal delays (even if caused by queues at the ski pass counter or rental) are not the fault of the School and consequently do not entitle to refunds.

Cancellation and Refunds:
It is possible to cancel lessons by notifying the School office:

- If the cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to the start of classes, the amount advanced may be refunded, with a deduction of €10 for secretarial and case management fees.

- If the cancellation is made on the day, the class will not be refunded

- In case of absence due to illness or Covid-19, the full amount paid can be refunded ONLY upon presentation of medical certificate.