about us

Professional Snowboarding is the first italian snowboard school having been officially recognized.

Today, four living-in-Madonna di Campiglio friends run it, and together with the other instructors constitute a true family of 15 members. We are a fresh and dynamic staff, proud to carry on what has been started more than 30 years ago, making our job out of our passion and our passion out of our job!

Amoung our titles, we can proudly list the one of Official Coach of the Italian Snowboard Freestyle Team, who attended the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in 2018; degrees in Foreign Languages and Physical Education; specializations in teaching freeride, freestyle and snowboard for children. Being most of us born in Madonna di Campiglio or permanently living here, we are more than espert in what the resort offers, but also aware of its needs; for this reason we actively contribute to the global growth of this place.

Precious are the roles of our video-maker, photographer and office manager, all professional with a huge passion.

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